Commercial HVAC Services

Rooftop Service & Repair

At CMI Mechanical, we provide high-level installation, maintenance, and repair services for roof-top units.  In addition to filter changes, belt replacement, and coil cleaning, we take critical measurements of sub-cooling, superheat, as well as other key pressures and temperatures to ensure your units are operating to their designed parameters. We also make appropriate corrections to the unit to maximize operating efficiency – reducing energy and operating costs.

Chillers & Cooling Towers

We provide the expertise to service, maintain, and install your building’s central systems.  Our certified technicians ensure your chillers, controls, and cooling towers are operating at maximum efficiency so you can be certain of tenant comfort while maximizing the life of your capital intensive equipment.

Customized Preventative Maintenance Programs

At CMI we develop data-driven PM programs that are custom-made made to the specifications of each of our customers.  By examining a number of variables including equipment type, condition, and location we create a program that makes the most sense for you.  Extend the life of your assets, increase energy efficiency, eliminate unnecessary work, and most importantly save money.

Engineering, Design, & Consulting

Whether you’re looking for HVAC engineering and design help for your next commercial construction project or you need invaluable advice on expensive repair vs. replace decisions, CMI is here to help.  Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined engineering, mechanical, and facilities management experience giving you the support you need for your next project no matter how big or small.

Energy Management Solutions

Minimize your energy use and maximize your cost savings from one central location.  At CMI we install and service BAS and EMS solutions so you can automate the control of your mechanical equipment, receive alerts when something goes wrong, and dive into analytics which turn energy optimization metrics into actionable initiatives.

Commercial Boiler Services

Boilers are critical to your operation.  Partner with someone you can trust who can meet the needs and requirements of even the most complex boiler systems.  From installation and start-up, annual open and close inspections, to emergency repairs, our certified technicians provide a fast and efficient response to all of your boiler needs.

Need A Second Opinion?

Have a site that won’t stop giving you problems? A rural location you can’t seem to find reliable service for?  We are happy to provide a free evaluation consultation to help you solve your biggest headaches.