3 Positive Traits Every Trusted Mechanical Contractor Does To Win Business

3 Positive Traits Every Trusted Mechanical Contractor Does To Win Your Business

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Mechanical Contractor - CMI MechanicalAn HVAC service technician is a trusted mechanical contractor’s most important means of advertising. A service technician is more important than clean vans, good commercials, or being the cheapest contractor in town.

Commercial HVAC technicians not only represent the kind of person they are, but they represent their company’s values, beliefs, and best practices. Each visit to a Facility Manager or Business owner is an opportunity to improve the HVAC’s company reputation or to damage it.

Facility managers and building owners are candid about what they expect from a technician and regularly cite these three characteristics that set the best technicians above the rest.

A Mechanical Contractor Needs To Be On Time

The quickest way to lose a customer and to devalue one’s reputation is to be late for an appointment. Being late sends a message to the facility manager that their time is not valuable and they have nothing better to do but to wait around for them to show up.

One may be the most knowledgeable technician in the industry, but if they’re late for appointments they will lose customers because unsatisfied customers will share their frustrations with others in the industry, or network of connections.

Communicating Clearly And Accurately

HVAC Communication 02 - CMI MechanicalCommunication is the key to success. Routine service visits and especially emergency HVAC calls are disruptive to managers and tenants, but people are much more understanding when they know what’s happening.

If a tenant needs to vacate their office for a few hours while a mechanical contractor replaces the VAV box, the HVAC technician should explain the time it will take and be sensitive to the disruption their work may cause.

If a mechanical contractor thinks it will take all day to get the cooling back on, they should be upfront with the facility manager. It’s better to say the repair will take all day and get it done sooner than to promise to be done by lunch and still scratching their heads at 2 pm.

For work that will take more than half a day, a technician or HVAC Service Coordinator should offer to call the customer every few hours with an update. Good communication builds trust and confidence even during the toughest repairs.

Striving To Be The Best Mechanical Technician

Facility Managers - CMI MechanicalIn your town, there are dozens if not hundreds of HVAC technicians. They can all change filters. They can all recharge refrigerant.

Why are they any different from the others in town? Why should a Facility Manager hire one mechanical contractor over another?  And, why should a building owner trust them with their AC service?

A trusted and reliable mechanical contractor should be better than the average technician. A well trained and educated HVAC technician will read and learn about their industry more than everyone else.

They probably subscribe to trade publications. Attend continuing education workshops. Set an example for the entire company with their punctuality, customer service, teamwork, and dedication to the HVAC industry.

When a highly qualified commercial mechanical contractor stands out from the rest of the technicians, their personal stock increases.  Especially opening up opportunities for career advancement that average technicians do not get.

Facility Managers will know them and they will become invaluable to your retail and restaurant locations throughout the company.

Building managers have lots of mechanical contractors to choose from for their HVAC repair and service needs. As an ambassador of their company, they are the best way to bring in more business and grow the commercial HVAC customer base.

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