5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC System For Your Commercial Property or Office Space

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC System For Your Commercial Property or Office Space

Today, a popular buzz word in the HVAC industry is “variable refrigerant flow”. At first glance, it may sound like it’s a new cooling system. In actuality, VRF systems are one of the best ways to optimize your building’s heating and cooling setup. So here are five reasons why facility managers should consider a variable refrigerant flow for their HVAC system.

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are more energy efficient

VRF systems are zone driven. For example, let’s call your office Room A and your boss’s office Room B. Room B has many windows and faces the west while Room A has only one window and faces the east.

Each room has specific temperature needs, especially as the sun is setting in the evening hours. Even in the winter months, Room B will naturally run hotter. VRF systems minimize energy loss by using only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed to meet the needs of both rooms at the same time.

You can simultaneously heat and cool zones

Variable Refrigerant Flow - CMI MechanicalIn practical terms, this zone driven setup means you can be warming your room up while your boss is cooling her room. All HVAC systems generate heat, even while cooling. This heat is often lost. So instead of letting it go to waste, VRF systems actually capture this heat and use it.

In turn, this saves you money through increased efficiency and more functional use of each room. 

Your team is never uncomfortable, regardless of where they work

Facility Manager Sleeping - CMI MechanicalNo longer will your front desk staff need a space heater to keep their area warm while your executives use fans or have the windows open because they’re too hot. A variable refrigerant flow setup allows each person to adjust the temperature in their office to match both their personal preference and the practical considerations of where they work.

Advance Technology Controls

Energy Management System by CMI MechanicalToday, everything is smart. From lightbulbs to coffee pots, anything electronic can be controlled with a smart system.

Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC systems are no different. Using intelligent controls, the system proactively monitors preset comfort levels in each room and responds accordingly. And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention app-based controls, another great new feature of VRF systems.

Nearly Zero Percent Downtime

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. Your office space is hotter than you’d like it. So you start adjusting the thermostat. And then you wait for the system to actually turn on.

Meanwhile, you’re sitting in your office, uncomfortable and getting restless. Because VRF systems work in a multi-inverter setup, there’s virtually no downtime waiting for the system to wake up and start doing its job. This also leads to more efficient and consistent power consumption as the system operates in a persistent standby mode rather than working overtime to meet your needs.

Is a VRF HVAC System In Your Building’s Future?

Then let us give you a free quote! CMI Mechanical HVAC and Refrigeration specializes in projects just like these and will help you develop the best plan for your specific needs. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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