6 Best Energy Savings Tips For Commercial HVAC System

6 Best Energy Saving Tips For Commercial HVAC Systems

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No matter where you live, one of your biggest expenses is heating and cooling. HVAC systems run all year long, and frequently even when your building is unoccupied.

With that in mind, let’s look at 6 energy saving tips for your commercial HVAC system.

Run An Energy Audit

HVAC Energy Saving - CMI MechanicalDo you know when your HVAC system was installed? If it was more than 20 years ago, it’s possible your system isn’t as efficient as a newer system. An energy audit will let you know just how much energy your older system is using, where you’re experiencing energy loss, it’s exact age, and if it poses any health risks.

After you’ve completed your audit, you’ll be able to properly diagnose and fix problems, stay in compliance with government regulations, and properly evaluate your building’s value if you sell it.

Run Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programs

Mechanical Contractor - CMI MechanicalEveryone knows the healthcare quote, “An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.” The same is true of your HVAC system. One of the best energy saving tips we know is not to skip out on regularly scheduled maintenance.

These programs can take many forms, including agreements with professional HVAC contractors. You can also perform small tasks on a regular basis such as keeping the space around your units clear or replacing easily accessible air filters.

Fix and Repair Delayed Projects

Everyone gets busy, and when economic situations tighten, we all look for ways to save money. It’s easy to let some HVAC projects fall by the wayside. One of our favorite energy saving tips is to get these projects back on your calendar.

For example, cooling towers will eventually rust and corrode. They can easily be fixed with polyurea. This is significantly cheaper than installing a whole new cooling tower. But even this cost-effective fix will often get sidelined due to budget restrictions. As the need for repair grows, your system’s efficiency will decrease and in the long run cost you more money.

Use Smart Technology and Commercial Thermostats

Everything is going smart these days. From our home refrigerators to even our coffee pots, we live in a connected world where you can turn down the thermostat with a few taps on your smart phone.

The same is true with commercial systems. Swap out older thermostats with newer, app-connected ones so you can control your HVAC expenses from anywhere.

Update To Variable Refrigeration Flow System

Some spaces need to be warmer than others. Some need to be kept cool at all times. Regardless of the commercial application, a variable refrigeration flow setup allows you to use the same system for simultaneous heating and cooling. This, in turn, saves you money in component costs and overall efficiency.

Train and Educate Staff How To Save Energy

https://coloradomechanical.com/national-hvac-service/One of the simplest energy saving tips is to get your staffed involved. Train them on the importance of raising the temperature at the end of the day when it’s hot out and lowering the heat during the winter months. Also, watch for little things such as space heaters that may be costing you with your electric bill.

Plus, the use of a space heater by an employee is a good indicator that you’ve got a cold spot in your building. Train your staff to make you aware of these instances as soon as they are noticed as another cost-saving measure.

We specialize in energy saving tips such as these because we’re passionate about what we do.

Are you ready to start saving money with your HVAC costs? Contact us for a free strategy call today!

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