7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs A Make Up Air Unit

 Restaurant - Exhaust Hood - CMI MechanicalYour building’s HVAC configuration is one of the most important systems in your restaurant’s operation. While often thought of as simply the way to heat and cool a space, restaurant HVAC systems should include a highly important make up air unit component. Let’s look at 7 reasons why this is critically necessary.

Bad Odors Coming From The Kitchen

Traditional HVAC units recycle air already in your building. They heat and cool existing air but don’t do much to mitigate smells. A make up air unit will help replace the air in your restaurant with fresh air from outside. This can significantly reduce persistent odors coming from your kitchen.

Strong Fumes and Poor Air Flow

Restaurant - Make Up Air Unit - CMI MechanicalExhaust fans can only do so much to remove the smells in the air from your chef’s masterpieces. While everyone understands that food is being prepared behind your kitchen’s doors, strong fumes resulting from poor air flow can lead to bad customer reviews. After all, no one wants to go home smelling like they’ve been working in the kitchen — especially when they’re dressed up!

Negative Air Pressure & Back Drafting

Have you ever had windows or doors in your house (or especially on an enclosed front porch) randomly open and close for no reason during a strong storm? This is due to negative air pressure — an imbalance between the what’s inside and what’s outside. However, because your HVAC make up air unit continually brings fresh air inside your building, it helps mitigate this pressure difference and stops back drafting in your restaurant.

Perimeter Walls Are Cold and Moist

Make up air units can also help offset moisture issues by keeping the inside and outside air conditions more in balance. While obviously your restaurant is going to be cooler or hotter (depending on the season) than the outside air temperature, make up air units will stop you perimeter walls from sweating or drawing excessive moisture from this temperature difference.

Exhaust Hood Over Working

Restaurant Customer Experience Image - CMI MechanicalFumes need to go somewhere, and most kitchens have an over the range hood designed to expel them outside. A make up air unit improves your hood’s air flow and increases it’s efficiency.

Too Much Grease In Kitchen

Did you know that oil evaporates into oil vapor? And, just like water vapor, it can condense into a layer of grease in your kitchen. While your exhaust hood will work to eliminate some of this, your make up air unit can help reduce the greasy film by continuing to provide a fresh source of air in your building.

Growing Energy Bills

HVAC Energy Saving - CMI MechanicalHeating and cooling costs can really get expensive if your building isn’t properly ventilated or is completely sealed up. Make up air units reduce system inefficiency and allow you to maintain comfortable temperatures inside of your restaurant while reducing the amount of energy it takes to run the system.

We can set you up with an HVAC make up air unit!

For many years, CMI Mechanical HVAC and Refrigeration has been serving restaurants in your region. Ready to upgrade or invest in an HVAC or make up air unit?  Contact us today to schedule a strategy call!

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