An Easy Solution To Establishing A Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Schedule For Your Multi-Site Retail Stores

An Easy Solution To Establishing A Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Schedule For Your Multi-Site Retail Stores

Facility Manager Stressed - CMI MechanicalAs a business grows and expands operations to multiple sites, the oversite of each location’s HVAC maintenance becomes increasingly difficult.

To keep maintenance costs under control, facility managers should consider a commercial HVAC preventative maintenance (PM) program for every site by working with a professional mechanical service contractor.

A PM program can be established at each site or as one contract can cover maintenance of each location.

Why To Consider A National Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Partner

With multiple sites under a single contract, the facility manager only needs to coordinate with one service contractor representative. This single point of contact oversees the travel, local access, and of course, the PM work at each location.

All of the behind the scenes work is handled by the contracting company and the facility manager needs only liaise with one representative for contract administration.

Regularly Scheduled PM Programs Saves A Significant Amount of Money Annually

Whether one location or many, establishing a PM program for a building is the best way to keep energy costs stable and protect against emergency repairs and breakdowns.

An article by the online facility management journal FacilitiesNet entitled HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings notes that HVAC systems receiving regular PM “use at least 15 to 20 percent less energy than those systems” that do not receive proper maintenance. Over the life of the equipment, this adds up to a significant sum of money saved at each location.

Setting Up A PM Schedule Is Really Easy

Commercial HVAC Coil CleaningCommercial HVAC preventative maintenance programs involve simple tasks like filter changes, coil cleaning, flushing drain lines, and checking refrigerant levels. Most of these tasks require little disruption to occupants.

For larger HVAC systems with chillers and cooling towers, checking chemical levels, testing pump performance, and measuring system temperatures are maintenance tasks intended to improve cooling and dehumidification and keep energy costs in check.

The Indoor Air Quality Association’s report HVAC Preventative Maintenance Is Essential cites statistics that HVAC PM programs “reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%.”

For facility managers with multiple locations but no central PM contract, HVAC outages at different sites can quickly overwhelm and eat up all of a manager’s time leaving other pressing tasks undone. Considering not only the costs of repairs but the annoyance to occupants and the loss of business in retail settings, facility managers should make the business case to their supervisors for a commercial HVAC preventative maintenance programs at every site.

Regardless of the complexity of your HVAC system, a licensed and reputable mechanical contractor can show you all the PM options available to meet your budget and reduce the administrative hassle of handling maintenance on your own.

HVAC PM programs are a guaranteed way to reduce breakdowns and extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

The sooner your commercial HVAC PM program is in place, the sooner you get to focus on the other responsibilities of managing your buildings.

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