Building Equipment Rental Company Uses The Uber Model To Help Facility Managers On Large Projects – Interview w/Pablo Carvallo – Episode 22: Part 2 of 2

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Podcasts for Facility and Property Managers

Find a problem. Create a solution. That is how businesses succeed. Fundamentally it sounds easy. However, this is exactly what Pablo Carvallo, Co-Founder at Tobly, did to help facility managers handle equipment rentals. They realized there was a problem with logistics and miscommunication in the market space, so they created a solution that modeled Uber. Not only is this brilliant, but it gives them a value proposition that helps Facility Managers and Property Managers not have more headaches with equipment rental delays and mishaps. Podcast host Javier Lozano Jr also brings up how the Tobly team is using technology, digital marketing and other modern forms of business development to continue to grow.