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Commercial HVAC Retrofits for Dummies

Commercial HVAC Retrofits for Dummies

Written by CMI Mechanical CEO - Rick Dassow Let me start by saying, I love the “Dummies” book series.  What other reading material distills tons of information into easy to read bullet points with cartoon pictures? That’s perfect for me. I wish they had an “American...

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Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units vs. HVAC Split Systems

The Hidden Perils of a Triple Net Lease

Written by CMI Mechanical CEO: Rick Dassow For owners and investors, the popularity of a triple net lease has brought obvious benefits to managing, administering, and investing in commercial real estate. In short, a triple net lease puts the operating burden on the...

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DoubleTree Hotel - CMI Mechanical Customer

They perform better than other mechanical businesses I have worked with.

Brian Wilske

General Manager, DoubleTree Hotel