CMI Mechanical Exhibits At Connex 2019 National Conference

CMI Mechanical Exhibits At PRSM 2019 National Conference

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Welcome to Denver, CO!  This year’s location for PRSM 2019 National Conference that will be hosting members of the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM).

Attendees will have the opportunity to network & connect, gain new knowledge about the retail industry, and potentially find partner vendors for a variety of services — such as a national HVAC maintenance program.

CMI Mechanical is a 40-year-old commercial & national HVAC company located here… in the Mile High City, Denver.  And, since this was going to be a local event for the company, our team decided to become a sponsor of PRSM 2019 National Conference.

Now, what does that mean???

Well, first of all, we want to get to know YOU, the Facility Manager.  Truly our goal is to learn more about your commercial HVAC needs and challenges — because we know all retail stores experience them, on a regular basis.

As a Silver Sponsor this year, CMI Mechanical will be in a variety of locations and events throughout the trade show.  And, if you would like a chance to chat with us, then check out some of the places we’ll be around.  Plus, we’ll have prizes you can enter to win.

Topgolf Charity Event & Silent Auction

The CMI Mechanical team will be at Topgolf in Centennial, CO from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM taking our best shots at golf balls.  Though our golf skills may lack, our ability to talk about national HVAC programs is above par.

With that said, in the spirit of charity events, the CMI Mechanical leadership team has decided to contribute to a non-profit of your choice, in a friendly competition of “The Longest Drive”.

Go head-to-head with our highly skilled HVAC experts and see if your team can out drive our team.

Sponsoring The PRSM 2019 National Conference Exhibit Hall Bar Reception

On Tuesday, April 30th from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, CMI Mechanical will be sponsoring the Exhibit Hall Bar Reception in the Aurora Exhibit Hall.  You’ll be able to enjoy a cold beverage or cocktail, and attempt our Putting Green Challenge.

Are you noticing a Golf theme here…?

How the Putting Green Challenge Works:

All participants will have 3 putting attempts in order to enter into our drawing for 1 of 3 prizes, which will be announced at the end of PRSM 2019, and posted on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

Here are the prizes you can win by coming to booth 209:

By sinking MORE putts, you’ll receive better opportunities to win our GRAND PRIZE — Bose Headphones.

3 Putts = 3 Raffle Tickets
2 Putts = 2 Raffle Tickets
1 Putt = 1 Raffle Tickets

While you’re at the exhibit hall reception, you’ll also be able to network with other Facility Managers of different organizations, pick our brain about how we can help you establish an efficient & affordable HVAC service program.  And, possibly learn more about our latest technological advancement — Asset Management Customer Portal.  Check our Press Release if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.

Visit Our Booth – 209

We understand that PRSM 2019 National Conference will be hosting a variety of breakout sessions, speakers, and more — all there to help you take your retail business to the next level.

However, we also know that this is an opportunity to meet new vendors for a variety of services, including commercial national HVAC service and preventative maintenance program.

And, sometimes people get a bit confused about what this means, and how can it benefit (and save money) for your company.

This is where CMI Mechanical’s values shine, as we are first and foremost a mechanical company, or “hardcore mechanical” as we say in the office.

We know everything there is about commercial HVAC’s, but more importantly, we can relate to ALL the challenges a Facility Manager experiences.  Why?  Because we have a team of personnel that have been in that same role.

In addition, the CMI Mechanical Data Analysis team put together a groundbreaking technological design. This will assists Facility Managers in becoming more efficient with their time, as well as empower them to manage national HVAC units & assets across the United States.

Come by booth 209, and we would enjoy the opportunity to give you a personalized demonstration of the product.

And, since it’s in BETA right now, we are allowing a lot of our customers the opportunity to give us feedback and “customize” the functionality of the software.  Why?  Because we strive to serve our customer, and make them successful.

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