Commercial Refrigeration and Food Equipment Services

Installation & Maintenance

At CMI Mechanical we provide solutions to cover the entire lifecycle of your commercial refrigeration equipment.  Our experts perform refrigeration system design, engineering and installation services for a wide range of industries from food service to healthcare and hospitality.  Our team will also build predictive and preventative maintenance plans customized to your business specifications to extend the life of your equipment and ensure optimal efficiency. 

Repair Services

We understand how important your commercial refrigeration equipment is your operations and how quickly costs can escalate when that equipment goes down. Our experienced and qualified technicians provide 24-hour emergency repair services for rack systems, walk-in boxes, self-contained units, cryogenics, and applications requiring super-low temperature cooling. 

Food Equipment Services

Our certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to service equipment from a variety of manufacturers across the food service industry.  Our team is available for fast and dependable service around the clock.  From hot and cold side equipment to ventilation services we will diagnose and solve your problem quickly to get you up and running without compromising efficiency or safety. 

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