How To Create A Commercial Chiller Preventative Maintenance Program

How To Create A Commercial Chiller Preventative Maintenance Program

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Commercial Chiller Preventative Maintenance Performed by CMI MechanicalYour chiller is the single most important piece of HVAC equipment in your building. A chiller breakdown can cause the entire building and all the offices to shut down until a repair is made.

Even more, if the chiller provides cooling to server rooms, data centers, and computer rooms — an outage may mean the loss of an incalculable amount of data and millions of dollars of computer equipment.

With so much importance tied to the proper operation of the building’s chiller, it’s stunning to learn how many companies do not establish a scheduled commercial chiller preventative maintenance program.

Chillers fail for any number of reasons; some are preventable, and others are not. Is your staff ready for the inevitable breakdown, and what can you do to minimize the effect on building occupants in advance of any chiller problems?

Commercial Chiller Preventable Maintenance… Failures

Commercial Chiller Problem - CMI MechanicalAccording to one Florida contractor, deferred maintenance is the number one cause of chiller failures.  A substantial number of chiller problems result from the accumulated effects of deferred maintenance.

The condenser coil never cleaned because you were too busy, the water treatment system left broken due to a budget shortfall, or the electrical connections too hard to reach during maintenance.

Each of these little items all leads up to the day when air can’t flow through the condenser coils, scale blocks the water piping, or electrical short causes a fire.

The chiller breaks down from all the neglect and your building heats up while you scramble for a solution.

Had your staff serviced the machines properly or put the chillers on a commercial chiller preventative maintenance program, the likelihood of a breakdown would have been minimized.

There is no better insurance policy against chiller malfunctions than a commercial chiller preventative maintenance program by a licensed and reputable HVAC service contractor.

Unavoidable Commercial Chiller Breakdowns

Commercial Chiller Problem - CMI MechanicalSome chiller failures occur despite the most thorough maintenance and cleaning plans.

Compressors will fail unexpectedly, fan motors will burn out, and control boards will malfunction.

Although these breakdowns are an annoyance, often they are not catastrophic and can be corrected in a reasonable amount of time. Maintenance staff should be ready for these inevitable breakdowns by having an ample supply of spare parts and be trained on how to make repairs.

The chiller manufacturer can provide a spare parts list and assist with training if maintenance staff are unfamiliar with repair procedures.

Without regular maintenance, proper cleaning, and an adequate spare parts inventory, commercial chillers risk breakdowns that inconvenience building occupants and put computer and server rooms and critical data at substantial risk.

Facility managers must avoid deferring chiller maintenance for other tasks that may seem more urgent, knowing that deferred maintenance leads to premature chiller failure.

The easiest solution for busy facility staff and for proper chiller upkeep is to get the chiller and all associated HVAC equipment under the care of a professional HVAC contractor.

A commercial chiller preventative maintenance program keeps chillers operating efficiently, protects against breakdowns, and lets maintenance staff focus on other tasks to upkeep their buildings.

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