How To Save Your Cooling Tower By Using Polyurea

How To Save Your Cooling Tower By Using Polyurea?

Regardless of where you work, equipment repair costs are always a top concern. Did you know there’s a huge way to extend the life of your cooling system while saving money? We’re talking about how to repair the cooling tower in your HVAC system

Today, we want to discuss what that means exactly and we can repair them at a fraction of the replacement cost.

What Is A Cooling Tower?

Cooling tower Installed by CMI MechanicalEnergy produces heat. Common manufacturing processes such as food production create a lot of heat. Somehow, this heat needs to be dissipated. That’s where a cooling tower comes into play.

Effectively, a cooling tower is a heat exchanger. Its job is to cool down water that the production (or comfort cooling) process heated up.

First, the system transports warm water into the tower. Then, it spreads that water across the fill. This increases the water’s surface area, which allows fans to cool it off faster. As some of the water evaporates, it exits via the top of the tower and into the atmosphere.

The system returns the now cool water back to the chiller in the building. This process continues to loop for as long as the system is active.

Where Are Cooling Towers Mostly Used?

Large-scale industrial facilities, including oil refineries and nuclear power plants., commonly use cooling towers. Also, manufacturing facilities such as food processing plants will use cooling towers.

Plus, it’s not uncommon to see cooling towers in use as a normal part of the HVAC cooling process at schools, hospitals, and office complexes.

However, as with all things metal, cooling towers will eventually start to rust and corrode. Plus, depending on the size of your unit, you may need costly permits or high priced equipment rentals. Have you ever rented a helicopter? Trust us, it’s not cheap!

To replace a broken down tower, you’re looking at six figures minimum. But with Polyurea, repair costs are significantly cheaper.

What Is Polyurea?

Simply put, Polyurea is a coating. It’s a rubber-like polymer that can be sprayed onto any appropriate surface. As companies looked for ways to save on industrial repair costs, manufacturers developed it in the late ’90s as a money-saving alternative.

Commercial mechanical companies started using it more frequently as repair became preferable to replacement.

How Can Polyurea Save My Aging Cooling Tower?

Polyurea on Cooling Tower - CMI MechanicalFirst, it’s important to understand how we use Polyurea to repair cool towers. The first step is to use grit blasting to create a clean surface for the Polyurea to adhere to. Next, we’ll replace any areas of the tower that have rusted out completely with sheet metal.

Then, we’ll spray the inside of your cooling tower with a coating of Polyurea. Once applied, the inside of your cooling tower will look (and function) as good as new. To the untrained eye, you might not even realize it’s been repaired in the first place!

Finally, we’ll tackle the outside, applying a membrane to appropriate areas and then spraying it with Polyurea. This entire repair process, as we mentioned, is significantly cheaper than replacing your aging tower.

Here at CMI Mechanical, we specialize in HVAC repair. Interested in learning how we can use Polyurea to save your aging cooling tower? Contact us for a free strategy call today!

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