How to use a 90-day Commercial HVAC Contractor Pilot Program For Your Location

How To Use A 90-day Commercial HVAC Contractor Pilot Program For Your Location

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HVAC Technician - CMI MechanicalThere are four letters any building maintenance supervisor knows better than the rest: HVAC.

Your location’s heating and cooling system might matter more than even the plumbing. After all, if it’s too cold the pipes are gonna burst and if it’s too hot the paint is gonna start peeling.

Selecting a quality commercial HVAC contractor can be trying, which is why a “pilot program” can help take some of that stress off of your shoulders.

Why Should You Test Out Your Commercial HVAC Contractor?

Facility Manager Under PC - CMI MechanicalRaise your hand if you like long-term contracts! We’re willing to bet not a single one of our readers just raised their hand! The reality is there are quite a few things you’re not going to know about your commercial HVAC contractor until you start to work with them.

A testing period is a great way to mitigate the worry of a long-term commitment with a company that may not live up to expectations. Besides, most employees understand that if they don’t perform, their employer will terminate them.

Why should your commercial HVAC contractor be any different?

The Benefits of A 90-Day Pilot Program

A 90-day pilot program allows you to see both the knowledge and work ethic of your contractor.

Consider some of these HVAC basics:

Plus, think about these work ethic questions:

  • Do they show up on time?
  • How well do they communicate?
  • Do they provide evidence that they completed the job?

When the HVAC company knows they have a 90-day window to earn your trust, they better demonstrate their A-game! But what if you contracted a less-than-reputable company just because they were the lowest bidder? Unfortunately, if they already have you locked into a long-term agreement, the sad truth is that you’re going to be incurring more costs in the long term.

A 90-day pilot program mitigates this by making sure your commercial HVAC contractor is stepping up to the plate every day.

How To Select Vendors For The Pilot Program

What Broke On HVAC - CMI MechanicalThere are several things to keep in mind when evaluating which HVAC vendor(s) you’re going to allow into your test program.

First, see if they are licensed and if they hire certified employees. If they can’t provide proof of either of those, eliminate them from your selection pool immediately.

Next, see if they carry sufficient contractor insurance. Ideally, they should have an umbrella policy that covers both their employees and your property.

Then you want to begin to evaluate them on their skills and even the technology they use. You should look at everything from body cameras to vendor software to how long they’ve been in business during this process.

Making A Decision

Business Choices - CMI MechanicalFinally, it’s time to decide who to award your business. If all things are equal, and you’re torn between two mechanical companies, it might be time to turn to your gut. In the end, you want to go with the company that meets all the necessary qualifications. If you have several who do, your first instinct is often the best one.

And besides: this is why it’s a test program. If the first vendor doesn’t work out, you’re not married to them! Call the second one and do another 90-day test.

Here at CMI Mechanical, we’d love to talk with you about participating in a 90-day pilot program.

Ready to get started? Contact one of our employees today!

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