Key Questions To Ask Your Mechanical Contractor Service Technician After Performed Work

Key Questions To Ask Your Mechanical Contractor Service Technician After Work Has Been Performed on Your Commercial HVAC System

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Retail Shop 03 - CMI MechanicalWhen your building’s air conditioning goes down, there is only one thing on your mind – get it fixed fast! Occupants are unhappy, your boss is calling for an update, and you can’t hang up the phone long enough to contact the mechanical service company.

But when the work is done and the air conditioning is back on, you need to get to the bottom of what went wrong. Before the mechanical contractor service technician leaves, get together and ask these key questions:

A Mechanical Contractor Service Technician Should Share What Broke and Why?

What Broke On HVAC - CMI MechanicalThis is the most valuable question to ask your mechanical contractor service technician because the newfound information is gleaned from this question. The answer tells you how bad the breakdown was and what that means going forward.

Maybe the HVAC stopped working because of a bad return air sensor; a simple failure that could have happened at any time.

Or perhaps multiple compressors failed because of extreme vibration suggesting a much more severe problem that is not easy to fix.

As a building facilities manager, you need to know the reason for the HVAC outage in case there is something you can do to prevent that failure in the future.

Could The HVAC Breakdown Be Prevented?

HVAC Unit Inspection - CMI MechanicalUsing the examples above, you may not always prevent a return air temperature sensor from failing, but you could have limited the duration of the outage if you had the proper spare parts on hand.

Having the proper parts can mean the difference between an all-day outage that closes down the building or just a few hour inconveniences that people quickly forget.

For the compressor failure due to excessive vibration, there is a good chance no one had been doing even a cursory check of the air conditioning unit.

Regular checks for unusual sounds or high surface temperature would have revealed something wasn’t right and the compressor could have been changed preemptively without building tenants ever knowing.

How Do You Prevent Your HVAC Unit To Break Down Again?

Commercial HVAC Services - CMI MechanicalSome equipment malfunctions are unavoidable, but in many cases, HVAC outages can be prevented or mitigated.

Prevention and preparation are the best antidotes to equipment failure. They are best achieved when facility managers have preventative maintenance programs with a licensed and reputable mechanical contractor service technician.

Study after study confirms when HVAC equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained, it lasts longer, break down less frequently, and operate more efficiently.

Working with a commercial HVAC contractor you trust to maintain your equipment is the best way to keep unexpected HVAC outages from occurring.

As the facility manager, you are responsible for minimizing breakdowns including in the building’s HVAC system.

Although some breakdowns are inescapable, when situations do occur you need to get some key information from the mechanical contractor service technician. Armed with information on past system problems and a good plan for preventive maintenance, you can minimize future outages and keep your clients happy and comfortable.

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