Should Facilities Managers Consider Hiring A 3rd Party National HVAC Company?

Should Facilities Managers Consider Hiring A 3rd Party National HVAC Company?

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Facility managers need to be everywhere at once; in budget meetings, approving work orders, overseeing critical repairs, or checking on their tenants. Needing to be everywhere is even worse when you’re responsible for managing multiple buildings across town. And if your company has locations across the state or even across the country, there’s just no way to cover every site. You need to be confident that each building you manage is in good condition and comfortable for your customers. When a critical system like the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) goes down in one location, are you certain that a qualified mechanical contractor can be dispatched quickly to get the system up and running? You’ll only get this peace of mind working with a national HVAC company, where with one phone call you can have your HVAC units repaired, replaced, or serviced no matter where you or your HVAC units are. With a national HVAC company on your side, you’ll receive the following benefits.


A National HVAC Company Can Provide A Preventative Maintenance Program

CMI Mechanical is a national HVAC company Studies show that HVAC systems receiving regular preventative maintenance (PM) like filter changes and coil cleaning last longer, run more efficiently, and break down less often than units that do not get the proper PM work. Having an HVAC PM program in place also helps you plan your HVAC budget so there are no surprise bills and you know what costs are covered at the beginning of each year. A national HVAC company, such as CMI Mechanical, can help you establish a PM program at all of your locations. And you’ll receive regular reports and condition surveys on how the HVAC system at each building is performing.

Fast Repairs By Qualified HVAC Partners

A reliable national HVAC company has a network of top-tier HVAC partners that can be dispatched across the country with one phone call to a 24-hour service center. These qualified HVAC affiliates on the team have been thoroughly vetted and have a proven track record of quick response times, quality repairs, and professionally trained staff. In addition, HVAC affiliated technicians have the latest certifications and have fast access to parts and replacement components to minimize system downtime. With a national HVAC company, heating and cooling units will be operating and functioning in a timely fashion, to keep your customers and employees comfortable.

Quality Replacements By Quality Personnel

When the time comes to upgrade your HVAC system or if it’s time for a full replacement, a national HVAC company can save you the trouble of calling multiple HVAC contractors. Furthermore, they assist in sorting through dozens of prices in each market. Therefore, you should let a national HVAC company do the work for your multi-site facilities. With their network of HVAC partners, they can quote top-quality replacement units to meet your budget and get the job done quickly with minimum disruption to the people inside. Plus, they will help you sort through the myriad of options like equipment efficiencies, unit warranties, and all the different manufacturers. And, with their help, you’ll make informed decisions on unit replacements and know the equipment will be installed right, will operate properly, and have full warranties in place. Facility managers who are responsible for multiple locations should never worry if employees and customers are comfortable in the buildings they maintain. With a trusted national HVAC company, you’ll have the confidence to know no matter where you are, your building’s HVAC system is getting the attention it deserves.

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We require quick response times and CMI Mechanical met these requirements, no matter what day or time

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