The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Facilities Management Software Solution

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Facilities Management Software Solution

by | Facility Maintenance

The emergence of sophisticated facilities management software has allowed businesses to tap into incredible insights and efficiency that can lead to untold amounts of savings in both money and time.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any computerized maintenance management software is the ability to seamlessly track service and repairs across many locations, regardless of vendor. The best FM software solutions make it easy for employees, 3rd party vendors, and, most importantly, facilities managers, to use and implement them.

5 Leading Facilities Management Software Solutions

Let’s get started by taking a look at 5 of the top facilities management software options on the market right now. In this section, we are going to look at what makes each of these options unique, as well as looking at some major pros and cons.


CMI Mechanical uses Corrigo for softwareCorrigo is an FM software solution that is very popular in the restaurant industry (restaurants make up approximately 35% of their clientele) but that services any small, mid-size or enterprise level business.

Corrigo allows anyone to schedule repairs and maintenance for any aspect of the business directly through their app dashboard. The app even directly handles billing!

These options make facilities management a much more automated process that saves immense amounts of time and energy.

One small complaint by users is that it could be a bit more user-friendly when it comes to operating the back end. Generally, though, user satisfaction with Corrigo is extremely high.


CMI Mechanical uses Service Channel technologyServiceChannel is another solution that offers automated repairs and maintenance but that also focuses on analytics and data-driven insights. Many managers who utilize ServiceChannel speak to its transparency and helpfulness in day-to-day operations.

The ability to analyze and interpret data in numerous ways empowers managers to truly find and correct inefficiencies that can improve the business.

For example, Sit N Sleep was able to reduce average invoice costs by 28% and save an incredible 30% on total repair and maintenance costs at each of their locations!

While many users praise ServiceChannel for making their job much easier, there is some chatter about the front-end being a bit too clunky in some areas.


CMI Mechanical uses Facility Source for work ordersFacilitySource differs a bit from the previous two providers because they offer a more “end-to-end” facility management solution that includes not only software but also an entire network of service providers.

This enables a much more hands-off solution to any business that is essentially looking to outsource facilities management. Whether it be repairs, snow removal, landscaping, or any other service, FacilitySource has an entire infrastructure set up.

The one complaint is that, based upon multiple sources, FacilitySource has some instances of strained relations with vendors. Perhaps this just comes with the territory of finding great deals for their enterprise clients but it’s something worth watching going forward.


CMI Mechanical uses OfficeTrax for facility management softwareOfficeTrax is another software option that is similar to Corrigo and ServiceChannel, however, they do tap into a national network of service providers that you can access directly through the interface.

Additionally, OfficeTrax caters not only to facilities managers but also real estate companies with many properties.

Many people seem satisfied with OfficeTrax, though there are some complaints about it being a little difficult to access information about service orders when using it.


Our final FM software option is OpenWrench. The first thing anyone will notice about OpenWrench is that it has an absolutely beautiful interface and UX design.

Like FacilitySource, they also have a complete network of service providers that make contracting work a breeze.

On top of that, they also provide a “concierge in the cloud” that can help businesses optimize how they use the platform.

Like ServiceChannel, OpenWrench also promotes an analytic approach to repair and maintenance that can help save money and make a business more streamlined.

Which Facilities Management Software Solution Is Right for My Business?

When it comes to choosing a facilities management solution for your business, the first step is to analyze what you need.

Are you looking simply for a digital interface where you can track repair and maintenance? Corrigo may be best for you.

Are you looking for hard-hitting insights and analytics into your business’ facilities? ServiceChannel or OpenWrench may be best for you.

Looking for an all-in-one solution that includes software, analysis, and a network of service providers? FacilitySource or OpenWrench may be best.

All of these FM software solutions are highly regarded in the industry, it really just depends on what your business needs.

Regardless, having a quality facility management software solution can lead to incredible savings in costs as well as a more efficient and streamlined business.

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