Today's Best Wireless Commercial HVAC Thermostats

Today’s Best Wireless Commercial HVAC Thermostats

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As anybody in control of their company’s facilities understands; commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are absolutely crucial. A smart, high-tech HVAC setup is key to keeping customers and employees comfortable, ensuring that inventory doesn’t go to waste, minimizing repair and service costs, and, perhaps most importantly of all, reducing energy costs. What’s one of the best ways to approach commercial HVAC in the modern world? Wireless commercial HVAC thermostats. You may have heard of Google Home or the Nest thermostat. They are relatively new technologies that help automate and wirelessly control heating and cooling for the home. But this technology is not limited to homes! There are already a number of revolutionary commercial HVAC thermostat solutions that could vastly improve heating and cooling in your business’ facilities.

Benefits of Wireless Commercial HVAC Solutions

Wireless commercial HVAC thermostats are the technology that drives the “Smart Building” revolution. By utilizing these wireless thermostats and their accompanying software, you can remotely manage and automate temperature for all building locations. You can ensure that inventory is kept at the right temperature, that your employees aren’t responsible for constantly manually adjusting thermostats In addition, your HVAC equipment isn’t overused when it’s not needed, therefore you won’t be spending an exorbitant amount of money on unnecessary energy usage.

Top Wireless Commercial HVAC Thermostats

Below you can find a synopsis of four of the top wireless HVAC thermostat providers currently on the market. Hopefully, this can help you determine the best setup for your business’ needs.


Ecobee is more than just a thermostat provider, they offer full solutions to turn all of your company’s buildings into SmartBuildings. Their proprietary technology allows you to access all of your building’s thermostats from software that works on Android, iOS or their web-based platform. At a very simple rate of $20 per thermometer per year, it’s an easily scalable solution for your multi-location HVAC needs. Ecobee is particularly well-suited for the food industry. They have worked with a number of high-profile restaurant companies and offer solutions that are perfect for food inventory.

Light Stat

Light Stat Thermostat - CMI MechanicalLight Stat is another company that offers the capability for multi-location temperature control. However, its software is a bit harder to use and feels more outdated than the software provided by Ecobee. Light Stat differentiates itself through a wide array of thermostats. From its wireless eStat thermometer to its landlord-friendly TG Light-Sensing Thermostats to its energy-saving EcoStat thermometer – they are likely to have a thermostat that fits your needs. If you are in charge of many residential properties, it’s likely that Light Stat could be the perfect solution for you. Many of their thermostats are designed for ensuring that residents don’t overheat or over-cool their apartment or home.


entouch commercial thermostat - CMI MechanicalEntouch, like Ecobee, is a total Smart Building solution that utilizes state-of-the-art software to manage the heating and cooling of all your buildings. Not only is their software modern and intuitive when it comes to programming and monitoring temperatures, but they also offer creative ways to use the data coming in. They offer predictive analytics, smart demand management, and asset optimization that help conserve energy use, stop problems before they start, and properly utilize your company’s energy throughout the day. If you are in need of a system that will not only put you in full control but will also help you drill down and manage your facilities, Entouch is a great option.


venstar commercial thermostat - CMI MechanicalThe final company we’re going to look at is VentStar. VentStar also has a wide array of thermometers that can connect to both a mobile app and web-based software for constant monitoring. They also just released their ColorTouch thermostat which is essentially a tablet that sits on the wall and enables you to control temperature, display pictures, and more. There have been some complaints about shortcomings in Venstar thermostats inability to detect motion, so if that is a feature that is crucial to your business, one of the other options may be better. Which Wireless Commercial HVAC Solution is Best For You? Like any product that can be utilized in your facilities, it’s important to assess your specific needs and then compare those to the options on the market. Ecobee may be your option if you want an easy-to-use dashboard where you can control heating and cooling across many locations. If you are in charge of residential properties, Light Stat may be best for you. If you have a large amount of retail or restaurant locations and high energy costs, Entouch and their analytics solutions may be best for you. If you want a really cool looking thermometer and cloud-based control of thermostats, than Venstar may be for you. Good luck and be sure to enjoy the simplicity and control that wireless HVAC thermostats bring to your business!

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