What To Ask Your Mechanical Contractor Provider To Ensure You're Getting An Accurate Quote?

What To Ask Your Mechanical Contractor To Ensure You’re Getting An Accurate Quote?

Property managers and business owners understand that keeping the facilities comfortable inside, regardless of the weather outside, can be a challenge.

And of course, if the HVAC system is determined to break down, it will be at a worse time possible – during a sizzling heat wave or a frigid arctic blast.

Now you need to call a mechanical contractor, but how can you be assured that you are not getting ripped off? Here are a few questions to protect yourself and your business.

Are Your Licenses, Insurance, and Permits Current?

What Broke On HVAC - CMI MechanicalNever fail to ask any contractor or provider doing a service on your property about their licenses, insurance, and permits. If the mechanical contractor is ethical, they will gladly show proof.

Hiring only licensed and insured contractors is vital because if anyone is injured during the job or the contractor causes property damage, their liability insurance will cover the cost.

However, if you inadvertently (or knowingly) hire an unlicensed contractor and damage to property occurs, or a worker is injured while working on your property, you may be held financially liable.

What Exactly Does Your Quote Include?

NTE Budget For FM's - CMI MechanicalIt is easy to take a quote at face value, especially since most look alike. However, a quote should provide a detailed statement of everything needed to complete the repair or installation. This includes, according to your municipalities, any permits or licenses that need to be obtained.

Things to watch for on a quote. If you are replacing your HVAC equipment, check your quote to see if the new components are being upgraded to match the specifications of the new system.

Some HVAC technicians may use the older fittings, pipes, connectors, safety switches, and dampers to lower the cost of the job. While it may seem like a bargain now, it could lead to costly repairs later due to early system failure.

A reputable mechanical contractor provides a quote will not only contain a detailed statement of every essential to complete the job, but also removing the old equipment from your property, all labor and parts cost, and a written warranty and guarantee information – not only guaranteeing the equipment but the workmanship as well.

What Is A Preventative Maintenance Program?

Preventative Maintenance by CMI MechanicalJust like performing scheduled maintenance on your car – such as changing the oil, your HVAC system also needs preventative maintenance to maintain energy-saving efficiency. A preventative maintenance program is when an HVAC technician performs regularly scheduled system diagnostics to determine if the system is operating within its designated capacity. This keeps the units running efficient, needing fewer repairs, and helps prolong its lifespan.

Final Thoughts From A Mechanical Contractor Provider

CMI Mechanical Logo Stacked TransparentWhen you need a mechanical contractor to install, replace or repair your commercial HVAC system, the quote with the lowest price should not be the only consideration.

Sometimes the difference in the lowest quote and another quote may only add up to pennies a day when divided over the lifespan of your system. The considerations are how your system performs, the life of your equipment and your overall satisfaction.

Another thought to ponder is that commercial HVAC systems are complicated. If you have red flags about your quotes, always get a second opinion.

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