Why Commercial Mechanical Contractors Should Provide Proof of Service For You Locations

Why Commercial Mechanical Contractors Should Provide Proof of Service For Your Locations

Facility Manager Sleeping - CMI MechanicalIt’s been a long day! Earlier, you had an all hands on deck staff meeting. Then, you had to deal with a couple of employee concerns. Finally, your commercial mechanical contractor stopped by for your HVAC system’s quarterly scheduled maintenance.

As a successful Facility or Property Manager, you’ve learned the importance of delegation. But still, do you actually know if your mechanical contractor is doing the work they promised they would?

This Is Why All Commercial Mechanical Contractors Should Provide Proof of Service

In today’s modern workplace, you don’t have time to babysit every employee to make sure they’re doing their work, let alone outside contractors. Any reputable HVAC company will recognize this and will have procedures in place to verify the work they completed. Let’s first look at why this is important and then how they’ll keep you in the loop on their progress.

An FM’s Expanding Responsibilities

Facility Manager Stressed - CMI MechanicalAs your business grows, so does your to-do list. We’ve already alluded to how busy your day can be. But for a multi-location enterprise, keeping your head on straight can be downright exhausting sometimes.

Your commercial mechanical contractor should recognize this. After all, you are their client. Your needs are their needs. If the AC stops working in one of your buildings, your employees won’t be happy and will start complaining to you! Then, you’ll likewise be frustrated and take it out on who?

Your commercial mechanical contractor.

It’s their job to keep you happy by taking one less worry off of your plate: your heating and cooling system.

Effective Communication With Your Partnering Vendor

HVAC Communication 02 - CMI MechanicalAny HVAC company worth their salt (read: paycheck!) will assign you a dedicated account manager. It’s this person’s job to make sure you’re aware of everything from your scheduled maintenance dates to the problems they encountered.

Effective communication is a tailored solution. If you’re a client who prefers everything in email, your account manager should accommodate that. If you need a Word document or another format, it’s their job to provide them.

Their notes should include specifics, including when work was performed, who did it, what they discovered, and if any recommended action steps are needed.

Electronic Updates Should Be Standard

Licensed, reputable national mechanical contractors have learned to utilize digital communication. They should recognize that tools such as text messaging are far more efficient reminders than old school methods such as mailed postcards.

Some account managers use shared calendars so you can see upcoming appointments and suggest alternative appointment dates.

And believe it or not, body cams are now a thing! While law enforcement officials have used these in the past, now your HVAC technician has access to this kind of technology. Wondering why this is a big deal?

Because they can provide you with actual video evidence of the work they performed!

Digital tools have greatly improved client relationships, so be sure to ask your HVAC company what they have available.

But, In The End, It’s All About Trust

Your HVAC contractor should ensure that you’re satisfied with their work. Furthermore, the burden of proof rests on them. If your commercial mechanical contractor balks when you ask for evidence of a completed job, it should be a huge warning sign. Always look for one who gladly provides the proof you’re looking for!

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